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[ Upcycling: What’s Old Can Be New Again ]


I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” before.  But what if I told you there were a lot of things you may consider dump worthy that can be revamped and made into something fabulous?

It’s a trend called upcycling, and it helps us reduce our footprint and have less waste, both of which are good for Mother Earth! Upcycling is also called creative reuse. It’s the process of transforming broken, useless, and unwanted things into something new and useful.

One of my best friends likes to use old clothing to create hand-painted skirts. She also creates bags using other clothing that would otherwise be thrown away. So what is old and blah can be new and beautiful again. I did some poking around Pinterest and found tons of great ideas for things you may be putting out to the curb. The possibilities are endless.

Here are five fabulous upcycling projects to try:

Have an old broken dresser?

You can take the drawers out, repaint them, and build a creative storage unit for books or collectibles.

Have empty toilet paper rolls?

You can make an original desk or makeup organizer using some hot glue and paint. Or you can even cover the tubes in fabric or patterned tape to give a higher end look!

Use an old chair as a towel/storage rack for your bathroom!

A saw and some paint can completely transform the chair into a real show piece.

There are endless uses for old wooden pallets!

How about a wooden feature wall for a room in your home? Need some more outdoor seating? Or want to make a bar or console table? You can do all of these projects with old wooden pallets!

Empty wine bottles and beer bottles can be used for so many different things.

You can paint them and use them as décor. You can fill them with flowers. Or you can even make an incredible chandelier from them.

These projects just scratch the surface of what old items you can use to make something beautiful and useful. There are entire websites dedicated to upcycling ideas like Upcycle That! And HGTV has a show called Flea Market Flip that they air on Saturday mornings.

If you’re asking yourself why you should upcycle things here are some great reasons to give it a try.

  • It’s greener than recycling! Recycling often means the downgrading of the quality of a material, upcycling retains the material’s quality, often with less waste than when you recycle.
  • You have less trash that goes into the landfills!
  • It allows you to get creative and feel good about creating something useful, beautiful, and that helps the environment!

Are you feeling inspired? I think I need to find a good flea market or dumpster and look for trash I can turn into my own treasures!


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