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[ Is a Fake Christmas Tree a Better Environmental Choice? ]

© Alessandra Rc | Dreamstime

© Alessandra Rc | Dreamstime

This debate seems to come up every single year. Which Christmas tree is better, a real or artificial one? We each have our preference.

If you’re looking to be more Eco-friendly this Holiday season you may be surprised by the findings of a new study on real vs. artificial trees. My thought is that artificial trees would be better for the environment because it means we aren’t cutting down another tree. But I am wrong.

How are real trees actually a better environmental choice? According to botanist Clint Springer, it all relates to a real tree’s carbon footprint. These Christmas trees are grown on farms that employ people to care for them. Buying real trees helps the local economy. And these trees are being planted to become Christmas trees that will just be cut down anyway. Hmmm, I guess I never thought of it that way.

If you still prefer a fake tree you’ll have to keep it around for twenty years if you want to make an environmentally conscious decision. But let’s be honest, a fake tree starts to look like garbage after a few years. “I know American consumers,” Springer says, “we don’t keep much for 10 years anymore.”

And fake trees are made of “polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, which often uses lead as a stabilizer.” These aren’t the kinds of things you really want to be bringing into your home.

If you want to have a real Eco-Friendly Christmas this year, you can get a real tree with the root stump still included. Why would you do that? So you can replant it after the Holiday is over.

Plus you can use some of these tips to make your Holiday decorations and celebrations Greener too.


[ Weeds Be Gone – With out Harmful Chemicals ]

Happy Earth Day week to you!  If you prefer your lawn and/or garden to be weed free, you can choose while avoiding chemicals & harmful toxins.  I get excited when I learn tips & tidbits that help us while simultaneously protecting our planet and all its residents! :)

As we have seen through the years that Round Up and competing chemical weed killers are typically used in the landscaping world.  But why????   We know that the residual damage they leave lasts for years to come. And not just for the soil and irrigation, but for wild life that either walk on or eat greenery.  Your pet may be vulnerable to chemical exposure as H/she who is always barefoot!

My favorite NEW “go to” for weeds be gone is simply full-strength Vinegar.  And in 3 words –it’s sustainable, cheap & easy.  Please spread the word to anyone who has a lawn —  it’s 1Thing YOU can do that impacts the world!

Click here for a few more sustainable methods.


Written By Jennifer Steel 107.9 the link. 


[ Ways to Save Money & Be Greener with Ramona Holloway ]


Save money and the environment at the same time! From food to travel, here’s some ways to go green that’ll keep more green in your wallet…

Try apps like Waze and iCarpool to share the costs of daily trave. Did you know that North Carolina also offers a FREE ridematching service? You’ll get a list of people in your area with similar work schedules who want to carpool.
Make your own _____ at home.
Cut down on food costs by growing some of your own at home! Grow some of your own veggies; even apartment dwellers can grow tomatoes and herbs. There’s also many household cleaners you can make yourself; the same goes for beauty products as well. You can find ideas for natural beauty products in The Green Beauty Guide.
Recycle those electronics.
Instead of letting those old electronics turn into paperweights, sites like YouRenew will pay you for your used smartphones, tablets and more

Also, The Link is dedicated to protecting our planet through sustainable living. Together we can make Charlotte beautiful!

 Written by Ramona Holloway

[ YOU Have Power to Make Charlotte Beautiful ]

Are you familiar with the incredible services of CROWN?  Charlotte, Reconnecting Ourselves With Nature.

If Charlotte’s beauty & wildlife preservation is important to you (why wouldn’t it be!), then I invite you to either volunteer or participating at their upcoming events.  And Parents remember -–you can inspire the next generation of earth caregivers by bringing your children!

By attending below dates, you will actually take a stand for the preservation of nature!  That is powerful!  After all, we can start by caring for our own backyard which affects our city …county, …state …country …earth!  It’s 1Thing WE can do!

Click highlighted text for details:

May 6th is “Kids Connect With Nature Day” – no special talent needed –just a capacity for fun

June 3rd is “Wild on the Water” at Latta Plantation Nature Preserve & includes FREE lunch!


Written By Jennifer Steel


[ Repurpose And Reuse To Save Money And The Environment ]


I bet you didn’t know that there are tons of opportunities within your home to repurpose old or broken items and turn them into something fabulous again. Not only will this help keep trash out of our already overflowing dumps, but it can also help you save money too. It’s truly a win, win!

Growing up repurposing was a way of life. Old margarine containers became the budget version of “Tupperware.” Brown paper grocery bags covered books and packages that needed to be mailed. Newspapers cleaned windows and lined the cages of our pets. Quilters never let a piece of fabric go to waste.  We shouldn’t turn our backs on the good ole days of finding new uses for old things.

Every trip to a yard sale or thrift store brings an opportunity to give new life to an item for very little money. The window treatments in my home office were once a cotton throw. Drapes from an old house that didn’t suit my new home were fashioned into beautiful cascade valances. Grandma’s old clip earrings gave a little interest to some plain black flat shoes.

In some cases you might want to give the job to a local alteration shop; in other cases, all you need is a glue gun or staple gun. Here are a few ideas for you…feel free to offer a few of your own!





You can listen to the Matt & Ramona show on 107.9 the Link weekdays from 3-7.

Written by the Matt & Ramona Show!


[ The Benefits Of Dining Out At Farm To Table Restaurants ]


You’ve probably heard the phrase “farm to table”, but what exactly does that mean? There are many restaurants in Charlotte and all over the country that are embracing this trendy term. But it’s not just trendy, it also is good for Mother Earth!

Farm to table or farm to fork means that the produce, dairy, or meats come from local resources instead of ones that require tractor trailers driving many miles. Check out this statistic: “The Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture reports that apples can travel as far as 1,555 miles, and grapes and lettuce over 2,000 miles until they reach their final destinations.”

Those tractor trailers use a lot of fuel and produce a lot of pollutants into the air. By supporting farm to table businesses you are helping your health, community, and your local community too.

It’s a win/win for everyone. Since I love food, I found a list of some of Charlotte’s most popular Farm to table restaurants.

  1. Block & Grinder: Their menu features locally sourced meats and also features many wild game options like venison and elk.
  2. Passion 8: Their menu is always changing depending on what items the chef is getting in locally.
  3. Halcyon Flavors From the Earth: “A celebration of artisanal farms, dairies and wineries from the Carolinas and beyond.”

[ Green Weddings Will Be A Huge Trend For 2017 ]


Wedding season will be here before you know it. And with all of the couples that took the next step and got engaged over the Holidays, there will be more people planning than ever. If you’re looking to have a trendy wedding, you’ll want to go green! No, I don’t mean throwing an outdoor wedding, although that could make your shindig greener. And I am by no means suggesting green be the color of your bride’s maid’s dresses. (Sidenote: there are so many pretty shades of green to choose from.)

The kind of green this article is about is eco-friendly weddings. More and more people care about their carbon footprint and the impact they’re making on Mother Earth. And this is why these new eco-friendly wedding trends are becoming so big for 2017!

Here are a few suggestions to make your BIG day more Earth friendly:

  1. Have your wedding ceremony and reception in the same location. This will save on the amount of gas you and your guests will need to use to get between the two locations.
  2. Cut out the waste! Pick wedding party dresses that your bride’s maid and wedding party will want to wear more than just once.
  3. Reuse or got the vintage route: You don’t have to buy all new wedding decor. If you do some googling, you’ll find many websites dedicated to the resale of wedding favors and centerpieces. And you don’t have to buy a new dress either. There are many vintage dress options that would blow any new, mass produced dress out of the water.
  4. Choose a dress made of organic materials or use a designer that creates sustainable gowns. Get more info on these here!
  5. Local flowers and local food are the best: Skip the flowers that need to flown in. And when it comes to the food, think farm to table.

If you search Pinterest you will find a million and one great, green suggestions. I found this video of a couple’s eco-friendly wedding and was blown away. Green is beautiful and helps out our environment.


[ Upcycling: What’s Old Can Be New Again ]


I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” before.  But what if I told you there were a lot of things you may consider dump worthy that can be revamped and made into something fabulous?

It’s a trend called upcycling, and it helps us reduce our footprint and have less waste, both of which are good for Mother Earth! Upcycling is also called creative reuse. It’s the process of transforming broken, useless, and unwanted things into something new and useful.

One of my best friends likes to use old clothing to create hand-painted skirts. She also creates bags using other clothing that would otherwise be thrown away. So what is old and blah can be new and beautiful again. I did some poking around Pinterest and found tons of great ideas for things you may be putting out to the curb. The possibilities are endless.

Here are five fabulous upcycling projects to try:

Have an old broken dresser?

You can take the drawers out, repaint them, and build a creative storage unit for books or collectibles.

Have empty toilet paper rolls?

You can make an original desk or makeup organizer using some hot glue and paint. Or you can even cover the tubes in fabric or patterned tape to give a higher end look!

Use an old chair as a towel/storage rack for your bathroom!

A saw and some paint can completely transform the chair into a real show piece.

There are endless uses for old wooden pallets!

How about a wooden feature wall for a room in your home? Need some more outdoor seating? Or want to make a bar or console table? You can do all of these projects with old wooden pallets!

Empty wine bottles and beer bottles can be used for so many different things.

You can paint them and use them as décor. You can fill them with flowers. Or you can even make an incredible chandelier from them.

These projects just scratch the surface of what old items you can use to make something beautiful and useful. There are entire websites dedicated to upcycling ideas like Upcycle That! And HGTV has a show called Flea Market Flip that they air on Saturday mornings.

If you’re asking yourself why you should upcycle things here are some great reasons to give it a try.

  • It’s greener than recycling! Recycling often means the downgrading of the quality of a material, upcycling retains the material’s quality, often with less waste than when you recycle.
  • You have less trash that goes into the landfills!
  • It allows you to get creative and feel good about creating something useful, beautiful, and that helps the environment!

Are you feeling inspired? I think I need to find a good flea market or dumpster and look for trash I can turn into my own treasures!


[ Is The Paper Bag Really More Eco-Friendly ]

There are so many myths circulating about what is more eco-friendly. Doing the right thing by the environment takes a lot of thought and can be more complicated that we believe. Where your product ends up can often have a larger impact than the type of product that you use. Leyla Acaroglu explains how everything has an impact on the environment. Her advice? Do more with less.

Watch the Ted Talk Here.



[ 2017 Green Resolutions ]


Make your New Year’s Resolution green this year. There are so many practical changes you can make to your daily life in the new year that will have a big impact on the environment. Why wait until January 1 to start working on your resolutions? Switching your grocery bags to reusable bags is a simple step you can start now and make a habit change that will make a big difference in your daily life.


Don’t stop there here are 9 more practical things you can do for the planet in 2017.