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[ Under Trump, BLM changes its flickr focus to fossil fuel ]

After years of sharing photos that show the best of American lands, the BLM now apparently sees these places in terms of the polluting resources that can be drilled, dug or blasted from beneath their surface.

[ “Tierras fronterizas en la mira” ofrece una visita virtual en español a la frontera entre los U.S. y México ]

Kate Mackay

Una historia envolvente que combina fotos y datos científicos para resaltar la peligrosa realidad de la región


[ Wilderness Society decries Trump order to “review” parks and national monuments ]

Michael Reinemer

The order demands that the Department of the Interior review more than 20 additional monuments created by the Antiquities Act—by both Democrat and Republican presidents—since 1996.

[ As a non-political scientist I don’t march – until now ]

Something changed during the first several weeks of Trump’s presidency. Science was under attack, and this was not okay.


[ Weeds Be Gone – With out Harmful Chemicals ]

Happy Earth Day week to you!  If you prefer your lawn and/or garden to be weed free, you can choose while avoiding chemicals & harmful toxins.  I get excited when I learn tips & tidbits that help us while simultaneously protecting our planet and all its residents! :)

As we have seen through the years that Round Up and competing chemical weed killers are typically used in the landscaping world.  But why????   We know that the residual damage they leave lasts for years to come. And not just for the soil and irrigation, but for wild life that either walk on or eat greenery.  Your pet may be vulnerable to chemical exposure as H/she who is always barefoot!

My favorite NEW “go to” for weeds be gone is simply full-strength Vinegar.  And in 3 words –it’s sustainable, cheap & easy.  Please spread the word to anyone who has a lawn —  it’s 1Thing YOU can do that impacts the world!

Click here for a few more sustainable methods.


Written By Jennifer Steel 107.9 the link. 

[ Trump opens door to stripping park and monument protection ]

Amid a new flurry of executive orders, Trump will direct Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to examine all national monuments designated since the beginning of 1996, presumably with an eye toward shrinking their boundaries and reducing protection.

[ Pruitt visits East Chicago’s toxic neighborhoods – while slashing funding for lead control, cleanup ]

The hypocrisy hasn’t been lost on community activists who fought for years to try protect East Chicago children from lead poisoning.


[ Ways to Save Money & Be Greener with Ramona Holloway ]


Save money and the environment at the same time! From food to travel, here’s some ways to go green that’ll keep more green in your wallet…

Try apps like Waze and iCarpool to share the costs of daily trave. Did you know that North Carolina also offers a FREE ridematching service? You’ll get a list of people in your area with similar work schedules who want to carpool.
Make your own _____ at home.
Cut down on food costs by growing some of your own at home! Grow some of your own veggies; even apartment dwellers can grow tomatoes and herbs. There’s also many household cleaners you can make yourself; the same goes for beauty products as well. You can find ideas for natural beauty products in The Green Beauty Guide.
Recycle those electronics.
Instead of letting those old electronics turn into paperweights, sites like YouRenew will pay you for your used smartphones, tablets and more

Also, The Link is dedicated to protecting our planet through sustainable living. Together we can make Charlotte beautiful!

 Written by Ramona Holloway

[ This emerging industry is creating American jobs that Trump’s policies will undermine ]

Trump is putting valuable home-grown jobs at risk by rolling back methane reduction policies.


[ Public health attacks you missed during the Congressional recess ]

More toxic rivers and waterways, more mercury in the air, and more to come.