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[ These critical disaster safety efforts will be at risk if Trump eliminates the Climate Action Plan ]

The president's 180-degree policy shift will undermine efforts to prepare for climate change disasters that are already upon us.


[ 13 parks and monuments for Black History Month ]

Black History Month is a time to remember and honor the many groups and individuals who contributed to the success and achievements of this country as well as to advancement for African Americans as a people.



[ Senate now proposing to use CRA to undo BLM’s wasted gas rule ]

Sarah Graddy

BLM’s rule ensures that oil and gas companies use the most up-to-date technologies and practices to minimize the amount of methane—the largest component of natural gas—wasted when gas is extracted from our public lands.


[ Urgent: Congress acts to unravel Obama’s oil and gas reforms: Your voice needed this week ]

Emboldened by the new Trump administration, anti-conservationists in Congress moved forward to repeal an Obama rule to stop the rampant waste from oil and gas operations on public lands.



[ Legislature’s pro-drilling resolution would harm Arctic Refuge ]

Tim Woody

The Alaska House Resources Committee is meeting today at 1 p.m. to hear public testimony on House Joint Resolution 5, which encourages Congress to open the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas development.


[ A steward for the environment? Even Pruitt’s allies back away from his claims. ]

EPA nominee's claims of environmental stewardship no longer displayed on his supporters' website.


[ Step Two in Congressional Push to Steal America’s Public Lands ]

Kate Mackay

New House bill deems 3.3 million acres worthless to the American people


[ 10 new pieces of evidence show Scott Pruitt is worse than you think ]

Answers the EPA nominee sent senators Jan. 25 show environmental protection is low on his priority list.


[ Their plan is working: New bill would sell off 3 million acres of public lands ]

Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz’s bill identifies 3.3 million acres across 10 states to be ‘disposed of’ and sold off, just a few days after the House passed a rules package that makes such land seizure plans easier to execute.


[ Green Weddings Will Be A Huge Trend For 2017 ]


Wedding season will be here before you know it. And with all of the couples that took the next step and got engaged over the Holidays, there will be more people planning than ever. If you’re looking to have a trendy wedding, you’ll want to go green! No, I don’t mean throwing an outdoor wedding, although that could make your shindig greener. And I am by no means suggesting green be the color of your bride’s maid’s dresses. (Sidenote: there are so many pretty shades of green to choose from.)

The kind of green this article is about is eco-friendly weddings. More and more people care about their carbon footprint and the impact they’re making on Mother Earth. And this is why these new eco-friendly wedding trends are becoming so big for 2017!

Here are a few suggestions to make your BIG day more Earth friendly:

  1. Have your wedding ceremony and reception in the same location. This will save on the amount of gas you and your guests will need to use to get between the two locations.
  2. Cut out the waste! Pick wedding party dresses that your bride’s maid and wedding party will want to wear more than just once.
  3. Reuse or got the vintage route: You don’t have to buy all new wedding decor. If you do some googling, you’ll find many websites dedicated to the resale of wedding favors and centerpieces. And you don’t have to buy a new dress either. There are many vintage dress options that would blow any new, mass produced dress out of the water.
  4. Choose a dress made of organic materials or use a designer that creates sustainable gowns. Get more info on these here!
  5. Local flowers and local food are the best: Skip the flowers that need to flown in. And when it comes to the food, think farm to table.

If you search Pinterest you will find a million and one great, green suggestions. I found this video of a couple’s eco-friendly wedding and was blown away. Green is beautiful and helps out our environment.